Welcome to social media done right - With 50% revenue share, protected data rights and the ability to take control of who and what you align with!

Explore the next generation of social media with an app that is decentralized and equally disruptive on its very own private blockchain, ensuring speed and integrity. A social app with familiar features we all enjoy, like feeds, following and original content, WITH the reward of 50% ad revenue share to YOU!

It’s Social Revolution! Welcome to Presiam!
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Our mission is to give people their data rights back. And we make it our mission to ensure that all our members see a share in any revenue their information, profile and network generates.

Our commitment is to give our members control over their data and build a better home for those leaving the traditional social media platforms. We love and welcome all the #QuitFacebook users. We are building you a home that gives you the data rights and revenue share, that your moments and memories deserve.

Welcome to your new digital home.

The Social Networking App - Evolved!

Clean and easy to navigate – We present a purpose-built social media App and platform for the data freedom movement. Presiam is the future of social networking and a leader in the evolution of restoring your rights to your data. PLUS - Sharing in the profits, preserving all the good stuff you enjoy like friend feeds, following, networking, and then adding cool new stuff like Cryptocurrency, a Crypto Wallet, Mining and more!


    Here you’ll find your full friend feed. All your friend’s updates show here. Whether they...


    Where all your 50% advertising revenue share will arrive from your Publisher actions....


    The PRSM Publisher component is where members will see all of the 50/50 rev share...


    A simply organized section with the details of your friends, displayed on a screen that...


    Presiam is all about choice. Here, you choose what, when, how. Alter the App to...


    No hardhat needed! Depending on your choices in your settings, the App will mine for...


Presiam Brings Choice...

And choice is freedom. At Presiam, you choose what happens with your data and most importantly, we help you take back your data rights and be compensated for the creative works, special moments and memories you share here - Welcome to Presiam.

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  • Testimonial #4

    The user interface is truly amazing. They have simplified it all. Just take the Mining component. No need to know anything about Mining. They do it all for you. They've left nothing out!...

    Dwayne SneedBeta User
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  • Testimonial #3

    Facebook's time is over. Presiam stands to take the helm as the newest social media app on the block but one that pays you what Facebook has been taking for years. Can't wait for the launch. I for one am...

    Jason HolmsBeta User
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  • Testimonial #2

    This is a complete game changer. The days of Facebook selling your data to the highest bidder are over when Presiam launches. The 50% ad rev share is what sold it for me....

    Lisa WalkerBeta User
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  • Testimonial #1

    One of the most beautiful apps I've ever seen and when you add in the crypto component it just makes it even more amazing!...

    Bracy LeeBeta User
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