Private Investment Equals Company Ownership!

Passion for Presiam is extremely strong and we built this page to serve this welcomed response to our community. We are now offering a percentage of ownership in the company to private investors. And to respect both small and large investment partners, we have built a platform of equality for both. 

Presiam is offering a total of up to 17% of the company to early investors. And to provide an opportunity to as many as possible, we created 200 investment/ownership blocks. The minimum investment must remain at $5,000 USD per block, as demand was immediate.

If you're interested in investing in Presiam as a Private Investor, you can use the ETH Address below or you can contact us directly. We'd love to hear from you.

Block Investors


200 Blocks


Private Investment Ends:

Your contribution will result in a percentage of ownership in the Presiam Management, LLC company ( The amount of ownership you retain will be based on your investment contribution.

As a partner in the Presiam Management, LLC company, you will receive a partner stake in the company as well as a percentage of digital assets including a percentage of the PRSM token.

If you're interested please contact us for more details.

Presiam Private Investment ETH Address:


For a $5000 investment the minimum ETH requirement is 7 ETH based on the current rate of $712 per ETH. 

Once your contribution has been sent please contact us and send us your transaction details and we will send the partnership agreement over for signature.

Current Presiam User Statistics:

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You can also reach us at +1-503-882-0099.