Welcome to social media done right - With 50% revenue share, protected data rights and the ability to take control of who and what you align with!

Explore the next generation of social media with an app that is decentralized and equally disruptive on its very own private blockchain, ensuring speed and integrity. A social app with familiar features we all enjoy, like feeds, following and original content, WITH the reward of 50% ad revenue share to YOU!

It’s Social Revolution! Welcome to Presiam!
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Selling Your Data

The selling of ones user data seems to be a hot topic all over the place these days. I was just watching CNBC and they were talking about your Facebook data and how the model for Facebook's revenue is to sell your data. Not only do I find this absurd but I find it offensive…
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September Update

Hey fellow Presiam followers. I just wanted to update you all on the latest things that have been happening here at Presiam. We have released our testing PRSM Exchange site located at exchange.presiam.com. For now all registrations/logins are disabled. We will open up registrations/logins after 30 days of testing starting on October 30th. The PRSM Exchange…
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Facebook Blues

Facebook got you down? Tired of your data being sold? Tired of your data being hacked and posted out on the dark web for others to make money off of? Tired of being force fed fake political news? Got the Facebook Blues? Don't feel blue. Presiam has your back. Not only is Presiam NOT in…
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Presiam July Update

Hello fellow Presiam followers and welcome to the July update. A lot of things have happened since our last update so let me fill you in on a few of them. The app is still under development and we should have an updated video to show you soon. A lot is going on behind the…
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