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Presiam Takes On Fake Accounts

In the wake of all the reports about fake accounts on Facebook sending out fake news, we want to take a minute to share how Presiam is different and works to address this.

No one wants fake news – And now we have learned that Facebook either wasn’t concerned about it or didn’t know how to address it. Turns out, there was fake news coming from fake accounts, bombarding users with political agendas that you may or may not agree with.  Bottom line is, Presiam does not subscribe to this. Presiam will NOT allow fake accounts.  Although everyone has an opinion, and they may post and share theirs within their own network, Presiam will NOT support fake news. Presiam is and will always be a place where people can connect with friends and family and earn 50% revenue share from all advertisements you choose to display in your feed/network. It's just that simple.

So how will Presiam control fake accounts? The logic is very precise, clear and simple. While we won't go into all the technology used to manage this problem, the basics start with the Presiam App which by its very design, requires a smart phone. Each Presiam account must have a valid mobile phone number to register, and let’s face it, nearly everyone has a mobile phone.

To register and use Presiam, your mobile phone must be able to confirm text messages. No fake phone numbers will be allowed. Presiam will also enforce the one account per person policy. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and others, have similar policies, but they don’t look enforced. Presiam does and will.

To do its part in minimizing fake news, Presiam also applies policies and controls, as we manage 100% of all advertising campaigns that go into the network. To be clear – We do NOT control or impede on the First Amendment.  Freedom of Speech is completely cherished and respected at Presiam. We are talking about Advertising here - And an Ad Campaign trying to appear as “News” or convey a message as a news story (when in fact it is a paid Ad) is a clear example of what we consider to be fake news.

Our advertising control team will review each and every campaign, to ensure that it's not attempting to push fake news into the Presiam community, disguised as an Ad.  We also consider this to be a critical service to the community – as there may be a time when actual urgent events or news must be responsibly pushed out.  For example, during an emergency, Presiam may need to push urgent information out to the community.  This would be an exception – And would never be political news or ‘opinion’ pieces.

Will you see ads that you choose and that pertain to you? Of course! With Presiam - You’re in control.

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