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Dukascopy Connect 911 - an application that pays for communication!

How to make money in the application Dukascopy 911
The bonus for registration and verification is 5 €. Money can be immediately withdrawn to a bank card of any bank in any country.
Inviting friends. Here they pay 5 € for each invited friend who passed the verification.
Answering questions in the 911 chat. The reward for the correct answer is from 0.04 to 1 franc (this equals 0.88 EUR or 1.04 USD) for each correct answer. The amount of remuneration depends on the rating. The default is 0.04 francs for the standard answer and 0.2 francs for the correct answer to the question of the new user.
A daily rally of 10 euros and a monthly rally of iphone X

Only verified users can earn.

The terms of participation:
1. Living in any country except: USA, Japan, North Korea, Myanmar, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria or Iran
2. Age from 16 years
3. The presence of a passport with the MRZ zone (almost everyone has it) or a foreign passport. This is what the MRZ zone looks like in the passport: http://joxi.ru/xAeMXB0cp7ew8A.png
4. The presence of a smartphone / tablet based on android or IOS

Instructions for registration and verification:
-> Download the application "Dukascopy Connect 911" to your phone.
On android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.com.iswfx.connect
On IOS here: https://itunes.apple.com/lv/app/dukascopy-connect/id830583192
-> Register with your phone number
-> Enter the gift code for 5 euros: FFY-K3Z
-> Confirm code entry
-> Click "Open Account". It is free and is needed for further earnings.
-> Fill out an application for opening an account in Latin letters (only real data otherwise refusal to open an account)
-> Send an application and confirm with a password from SMS
-> Click on the message icon in the lower left corner
-> Click "Help"
-> Click "Chat with bank"
-> Write: I want to pass verification
-> An employee will call you in the app to take a call.
-> After 1-2 days your account will be open and you can start earning.

Withdrawal. Instructions.

To withdraw funds from the Dukascopy 911 application, do the following:
1. Log in with your username and password to the section "My Account"
2. Go to "My Cards"
3. Click "Add Card"
4. Enter all necessary data (card number, date, owner name, postal code and address)
5. Click add.
6. During the binding, you will write down a symbolic amount (up to 2 euros in equivalent) and instantly return to the card.
7. Then you need to confirm the binding by specifying the payment data (amount written off or transaction number).
8. Wait until the card is confirmed.
9. Next, select the account
10. Press the button "Output"
11. Select a card and specify the amount
12. Click continue. Everything!!!

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