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Welcome to Presiam. Watch as good things will happen!

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Presiam Beta is live and growing members today! Thanks to our CTO and his Developers, the initial platform is running and growing members right now.  With our initial investors support and confidence, we have the web based Beta running today, and the Android version of the APP over 80% complete.

The Publisher component will be added soon to the Beta, allowing users to manage advertising preferences and begin the awesome advantage of 50% revenue share!!

We are now welcoming the registered Beta testers (over 150,000 of them) to begin to create profiles, share moments and memories – Beginning the movement to .

YOU ARE INVITED TOO!  Go to and create a profile, see what others are posting, and explore the possibilities of leaving Facebook, controlling your data, sharing in the revenue your profile generates, and be there at the very beginning of something great!  Get the updates and early benefits of being part of the Presiam movement.

Love Bitcoin but hate the current price? HODL!

Just a group for those Ethereum lovers.

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Want to thank you all for joining the Presiam Beta. Stay tuned for more functions to be added soon including the Publisher component.😁

Hey guys, we have moved from http to https and also moved from to just 

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