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Four flags for an international business, residence, citizenship, lifestyle

The flag theory is a highly vivid concept which has been developed more than sixty years ago. It describes the strategic approach of (in the figurative sense) planting flags in different countries to allocate different aspects of taxation, regulations and economic framework. 

2019 will be the year of ICO litigation

During the last few years, a total amount of US$ 30 billion has been spent for the acquisition of digital tokens under a so-called initial coin offering or token generating event. As of today, the vast majority of ICO projects have questionable roadmaps and long-term procedures. Just a few tokens represent feasible applications of the blockchain.

Companies selling new tokens or coins through ICOs to investors are taking a calculated risk. While U.S. regulators seem to take the most aggressive approach, other jurisdictions follow. Regulatory noncompliance is the moist easy starting point to ask for a refund of ICO proceeds. However, other legal arguments and procedure are possible as well. Most ICO buyers regret their investment. Therefore, 2019 will be the year of ICO litigation.

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