Welcome to social media done right - With 50% revenue share, protected data rights and the ability to take control of who and what you align with!

Explore the next generation of social media with an app that is decentralized and equally disruptive on its very own private blockchain, ensuring speed and integrity. A social app with familiar features we all enjoy, like feeds, following and original content, WITH the reward of 50% ad revenue share to YOU!

It’s Social Revolution! Welcome to Presiam!
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Join Presiam! Answer to the #QuitFacebook movement – And much more!

Passion for Presiam is extremely strong, so we built this page to serve this welcomed response to join, promote and invest in our program.

Specifically, we have been asked by the investment community for two distinct offerings, and through our trusted Advisors and their extensive networks of CPA’s, CFA’s and wealth managers, we solidified these two excellent options.

First option - Secures a direct percentage, ownership interest in Presiam Management LLC that owns and controls Presiam.com including the App, IP, residual income and IPO value.  This is the far more lucrative, long term position.

Second option – Serves the needs and quick yield demands of the short-term, or cutting-edge crypto investor. This offering does not hold a partner/owner stake in the company and focuses on a percentage of the digital assets in the form of the PRSM token. The total number of PRSM tokens is fixed, limited and cannot be increased, allowing market demand to dictate value.

For more information, please feel free to review the whitepaper, summary prospectus and pitch-slide found in the links above. And if you have specific needs, questions or interests, you may also submit your contact details on this page for prompt follow-up to any details you may have an interest in.

Current Presiam User Statistics:

Community Users: 150,201

You can also reach us at +1-503-882-0099.