Welcome! Explore the next generation of Social Media in an app that is decentralized and disruptive – A platform with its own private blockchain, ensuring speed and stability. A social app with familiar wants like friend feeds and following – adding modern tech like a Crypto Wallet, Mining and Exchange, with 50% revenue sharing to you - It’s Social Evolution! - Welcome to Presiam…
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Private Investment Equals Company Ownership!

Passion for Presiam is extremely strong and we built this page to serve this welcomed response to our community. We are now offering a percentage of ownership in the company to private investors. And to respect both small and large investment partners, we have built a platform of equality for both.

Your contribution will result in a percentage of ownership in the Presiam Management, LLC company (Presiam.com). The amount of ownership you retain will be based on your investment contribution.

As a partner in the Presiam Management, LLC company, you will receive a partner stake in the company as well as a percentage of digital assets including a percentage of the PRSM token.

If you're interested in investing in Presiam as a Private Investor, please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Current Presiam User Statistics:

Community Users: 61,385
BitCoinTalk Thread: 57 Pages
Telegram Users: 17,584
Twitter Followers: 17,638
LinkedIn Followers: 3166
FB Followers: 8629

You can also reach us at +1-503-882-0099.