Welcome to social media done right - With 50% revenue share, protected data rights and the ability to take control of who and what you align with!

Explore the next generation of social media with an app that is decentralized and equally disruptive on its very own private blockchain, ensuring speed and integrity. A social app with familiar features we all enjoy, like feeds, following and original content, WITH the reward of 50% ad revenue share to YOU!

It’s Social Revolution! Welcome to Presiam!
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Join the growing number of Presiam Social App Early Adopters and Beta Testers.

By subscribing to our list you will be added to our Beta group which will allow you to not only be an early miner (Proof of Stake) but you'll be one of the first people to actually test drive the new Presiam app and all of its amazing features.

Early adopters and beta users will be part of the initial miners group and in return will give you higher PRSM tokens for mining/transactions within the Presiam App going forward.


Registered Beta Testers


Early adopters and beta testers become early miners (Forgers) for the PRSM Token in the Presiam Proof of Stake Blockchain. This means that you as a beta tester will receive bigger transaction fees for the PRSM token. This is how Proof of Stake works.

As an early adopter of the Presiam App, you will have better options for suggesting key initial features and functions.

Being a part of something HUGE from day one! That's what Presiam means. It's a game changer!

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