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Beta Launch Portland

Beta Launch Portland

Hey guys, just an update on the up-and-coming Presiam Beta Launch that will take place on December 1st, 2018 here in Portland, Oregon.

While Presiam will be a globally disruptive social networking app, we're going to be doing our soft launch here in Portland.

The question we get most is what will be released on December 1st. Presiam will  be releasing the Beta 1 app that will include the most important components for which Presiam has been promoting for a year now and that is the Publisher component of the app. This is how Presiam pays 50% of the ad revenue to the user. This means that you can start to earn revenue the first day of launch on December 1st.

Included in the first beta will be the standard offerings of Friend Feed, Search, Email, Add Friend, Wallet and a few other items including the above mentioned Publisher section.

It was important to us that the beta include the Publisher component for again, this is what we've been promoting for the last year. The ability to earn revenue from a social networking app simply by posting updates and adding friends. Speaking of adding friends, you get 5% of every friends revenue that you bring in. The more friends you bring into your network the more revenue you will earn.

The first beta will also include the Presiam (PRSM) Blockchain. This component is essential due to all users details being stored encrypted on the blockchain. Presiam will only collect email, first name, last name and phone number and we will store that data encrypted on the private Presiam Blockchain. This is something that Facebook should have done and didn't and over 50 million members got their personal details stolen. More details than we would ever collect. Why? Because Presiam is not in the business of selling your personal data. The more data Facebook has on you the more money they can make and that is unethical and just plain wrong!

So, in closing, join us on December 1st when we launch the Presiam App Beta 1 and as always we thank you all for your support!

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