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Selling Your Data

Selling Your Data

Selling Your DataThe selling of ones user data seems to be a hot topic all over the place these days. I was just watching CNBC and they were talking about your Facebook data and how the model for Facebook's revenue is to sell your data. Not only do I find this absurd but I find it offensive and just plain wrong!

Presiam, in no way, shape or form, will sell your data. There's a lot of other ways to create revenue from a social network platform and selling ones personal data is not one of them.

How messed up is that? Facebook sells your personal data to the highest bidder. They are essentially selling YOU! Does that feel one world order or what? It's crazy but that's what Facebook does. They sell you out to please their shareholders but there's a better way and that's exactly where Presiam is different!

The fundamental idea behind Presiam is that you and your group of friends could be interested in the same things.  Most are. It makes a great argument, for example, that if your into surfing then it's very possible that some of your friends might be into it as well so when you add the "Surfing" channel to your news feed then your friends in your network will see "Surfing" ads. Why? Because it's relevant to what you're into. So, when anyone clicks on that ad, YOU GET PAID! How much? You get 50% of that click value. It's called Cost Per Click (CPC) and if an advertiser bids $1 dollar for that CPC then you just earned .50 cents when someone clicked the ad in your network.

The more friends you have and the more channels that you create the more money you can make. Per Google, the average network of friends on Facebook is about 300 friends. So if you have 300 friends and lets say that about 20 of them are into Surfing and they all are interested in some of the surfing ads and click one time on an ad that cost the advertiser $1.50 per click then for one month in that channel alone you earned $15 dollars. Did you get any money from Facebook or Instagram? I bet not. Now, multiply that by a few other channels and more friends and you've got yourself a nice steady stream of income and the best part is you won't see ads that you're not into. If you're not into fishing then you won't see fishing ads. You're NOT going to be force fed anything you don't want. Plain and simple and that's Presiam!

That's the Presiam revenue model. We do NOT need to sell your data. Your data is yours and should never be sold to the highest bidder. It's grossly unethical, wrong and not what Presiam will ever do.


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