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September Update

Hey fellow Presiam followers. I just wanted to update you all on the latest things that have been happening here at Presiam.

We have released our testing PRSM Exchange site located at exchange.presiam.com. For now all registrations/logins are disabled. We will open up registrations/logins after 30 days of testing starting on October 30th. The PRSM Exchange is setup for use for Presiam only and will only work with the PRSM token built on our private blockchain. Once PRSM is on a real external exchange then we will decommission the PRSM Exchange server.

Our beta testers group is growing ever so nicely. At the time of this post, we have over 130,000 beta users ready to use the app once we launch it. If you want to register for the beta program then be sure to get registered here at Presiam Beta Users.

We have set a preliminary soft launch date of November 30th of the Presiam App. We are working hard to reach that soft launch of the Android Presiam Beta. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram for the latest details.

More updates to follow!


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