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Presiam July Update

Hello fellow Presiam followers and welcome to the July update. A lot of things have happened since our last update so let me fill you in on a few of them.

The app is still under development and we should have an updated video to show you soon. A lot is going on behind the scenes so can't really show anything with substance just yet but soon we post another video.

Within the next couple weeks we'll be bringing in a new marketing person that will help us prepare for our full marketing launch once we release the beta. This new person will be responsible for pushing Presiam mainstream with the help of all of our beta testers, which by the way has almost reached 70,000 users at the time of writing this post.

We are also continuing to line up new advertisers that will be advertising in the app once we release it. We're reaching out to new advertisers daily and should have a pretty big pool of advertisers waiting to advertise within the app. We'll post more on those as we get them so be sure to check the Ad Partners page for updates.

Because we decided to self fund and forego the traditional ICO route we are still looking for accredited and non-accredited investors so if you're interested in investing in Presiam then be sure to contact us or visit our Investor Page for more information including Whitepaper and Prospectus.

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