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Presiam June Update

The past two weeks have really developed into some very exciting milestones. We now have the APP wire-framed and the next APK release now shows much of the user journey and base functionality and navigation. This allows us to now demonstrate the basic feel of the App and the core features, including rudimentary navigation.

We've been sharing the progress and APK, running it for our Advisors for general feedback. So far, the first reactions and words the group responds with are; "Amazing", “Incredible” and "Awesome”. We will be putting together a new video of the App in action soon, so that users with iPhones can also see the user experience we are developing. At the current rate of progress, the alpha demonstrator for Android, should be ready for focus group and preliminary field tests in early Q4 this year. This puts us perfectly on schedule for a Q1-2019 Beta release to the public, beginning with the pre-registered test group, which is now over 53,000 users and growing. Development for iOS will begin shortly thereafter.

One of our investors aligned us with a great SEC Law Associate, Seth Goettelman, currently with Gould+Ratner ( www.gouldratner.com ) a Law Firm out of Chicago. Seth will be assisting us with our 506(b) SEC filings. Additionally, we have our Angel investors now reaching out to a broader network of investors, which will allow us to get things moving into the public eye when ready.

News continues to work greatly in our favor, with near daily relevant press showing continued discontent with Facebook, and more of those users joining the #DeleteFacebook movement. Those users and the public at large, are craving an alternative solution like Presiam. We are extremely excited to share all that we have built, with this eager and enormous customer base of 2.2-Billion and growing.

In the coming weeks, we expect to onboard two new exceptional Advisors to the Presiam team. They bring a level of expertise and guidance that will be incredibly valuable and welcomed, further solidifying the executive tenor required to deliver a project like Presiam.

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