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Earning Revenue With Presiam

We wanted to write a short post that outlines exactly how users will make money with Presiam as well as how much money users could potentially make within the Presiam App.

As you know, Presiam will give 50% of all revenue earnings back to the users. Revenue is created by showing ads within the users profile and network. These are not ordinary ads, these are ads that users agree to have in their network. Maybe you're into hanging out at the beach and maybe you're into beach wear like sunglasses and clothing. You decide to allow those ads in your network because you want to see them. When anyone in your network clicks on those ads you get half that click value. For example, if you see a ad campaign for Ray-Ban sunglasses and the advertiser has set a cost per click (CPC) value of .50 cents per click, then when the ad is clicked you just earned .25 cents in the form of the Presiam token (PRSM) and that amount of PRSM is now in your wallet that is built into the app. You can either hold that PRSM in your wallet, send it to someone in your network (Friends or Family) or exchange it for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum and cash it out to fiat.

The average user could see 15 clicks per month on their own profile and that averages out to $3.75 per month. That doesn't seem like a lot but when you add people to your network then that number will grow. If you have 200 people in your network then you could potentially see over $700 a month in PRSM being generated.

So imagine for a second that Facebook paid all users half their ad revenue. While they would never do that, just imagine them doing it. How much money would you earn? It would be a lot. That's what Presiam is doing. Presiam is giving back what Facebook has been taking for years. Your money and your data. It's time to put the power back into your hands. The power to make money from your own network. It's your data, it's your profile, it's your network, earn from it with Presiam.


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