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Presiam Beta Testers Wanted

Presiam is now signing up Beta Testers to test the prototype once it's launched. These early beta testers will also be early miners and since our blockchain is Proof of Stake, those early miners will have larger stakes than later miners coming to the app.

To sign up simply add your email to the Beta Testers page and confirm it. Once we launch the beta prototype you'll be emailed and be able to download the Android app. We're only releasing the beta app on the Android platform. iOS will come later.

As we stated above, all beta testers will become early miners of the PRSM token and since this is Proof of Stake it will allow you to earn more PRSM moving forward since you're stake in PRSM will be bigger.

If you have any questions about the beta tester program then be sure to contact us.



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