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Presiam Cancels ICO

Presiam has made the decision to cancel our ICO/Crowdsale on July 15th. We are going to continue developing the Presiam Social App through our own funding channels which will include self funding options as well as Private Investors. The project and development still continues as normal.

All Bounty Programs are still in effect. Please continue your bounty program efforts. The bounty program will run until July 15th and all bounties will be paid by August 15th.

Presiam will not hold its second Airdrop on May 15th. All existing token holders will still get their PRSMD swapped out to PRSM once our blockchain is complete. We do not have an ETA on the completion of the Presiam Blockchain. Once we have completed it we will update everyone on how to swap out PRSMD for PRSM. It's important that you do not transfer your PRSMD out of your ERC20 wallet that it was sent to. Moving or selling your PRSMD out of your wallet will void the PRSM swap that happens once our private blockchain is complete.

As we have stated above, Presiam still moves forward with development. The only thing different is that we won't have an ICO. We will update our roadmap shortly with the above changes and do know that Presiam does not function unless we're on an exchange so that is our immediate goal once our blockchain is complete.

Thank you for your continued support of the Presiam Social App Project.



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