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Revenue Sharing Model

By the end of 2017, digital advertising accounted for about $83 billion of revenue, with tech giants like Google taking the lions share. This amounts to an increase of about 16% over the previous year.

With the massive amount of money pouring into digital advertising and all its nascent forms, users of digital platforms are dying for control over the ads they see and the products promoted to their networks. Some social platforms offer users some level of control, but this ability to block advertisers is often in retrospect, and there are no platforms that give users the ability to opt in to advertising, until now.

Enter revenue share advertising on Presiam. In this model, users of Presiam would receive a portion (50%) of the advertising revenue when they allow an advertiser to place ads on their profiles, in their pages, or display them in their networks and Presiam will pay 50% of that advertising revenue to the user.

So aside from the revenue aspect, what makes revenue sharing different? If you are an advertiser, why should you care? Other social networks that use revenue share advertising do not give users the option to choose which ads appear on their profile or in their networks. Giving the user an option under a revenue sharing model brings huge advantages to advertisers.

By giving users the option of having ads displayed in their network, they are indicating that they are friendly to your brand. When they continue to opt in, they are telling you that they appreciate your message. On Presiam, a user that opts in most likely has an audience that is also receptive to your message and is more likely to purchase your product. In short, you get more bang for your buck with the Presiam concept.

The user wins too. Revenue sharing creates an incentive for users to continue displaying your ads in their network.

The social media landscape is due for a disruption, and revenue share advertising is set to turn the traditional advertising models on their heads. Presiam aims to be a leader in this area and give users real power over their network, content and revenue.

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