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Presiam Releases Whitepaper and Pitch Deck

Presiam Releases Whitepaper and Pitch Deck

Presiam Project Positioned to Create a Major Shift in the Social Media Landscape

Presiam announced and published its Whitepaper ad Pitch Deck on the Presiam Social Blockchain Project – A ‘next generation’ social media experience built on a dedicated and private blockchain. The Presiam Project seeks to disrupt the social media spectrum and dethrone leaders in that space by transferring the power of privacy and monetization from the platform to the end user.

Social media has proven that the need for people to connect, share, and tell a story is a human instinct. The Presiam Project incorporates all the best parts of social media (image sharing, posting, likes, etc.) while introducing advanced privacy and the ability for the user to monetize and get paid for their time, effort and sharing of their content. The platform also includes its own PRSM tokens, Mining feature and Wallet.

Presiam gives back to the Members in many ways, like revenue sharing, mining opportunities, and most importantly, control over their data. That’s a critical point – Data Rights belong to the Member at Presiam.” Says Tom Boyle, CEO and Cofounder.

Presiam intends to disrupt the current Advertising paradigm as well, by creating a completely unique way for brands of any size to interact directly with qualified consumers.  By allowing Presiam users to hand curate the brands they want to support and endorse, they build stronger brand affinity, loyalty and create higher viral return. Members get paid more for sharing, while the brands get coveted social endorsements.

As a company, and a society, it’s time to stop the exploitation of our personal online data. Large social media apps and publishers know the value of content, and for too long have made millions of dollars per month off of the free content creation of their members. Presiam’s mission is to champion for everyone’s online presence by creating a platform to monetize their private and personal digital life story.” Says Michael Allen, CTO and Cofounder.

Also announced today is the PRSM utility token that is the mechanism that serves as a unit of measure for actions between the Presiam App, its community, miners, publishers and advertisers. The PRSM token will have ERC20 placeholder tokens on the ETH blockchain until such time that the Presiam team has the Private PRSM blockchain complete.

For additional assistance, journalists, investors and analysts may contact members of the Presiam communications team via: media@presiam.com

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