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Why Private Blockchain?

Hi Everyone, over the last few days during our first Airdrop we received a lot of questions regarding the Presiam blockchain so I wanted to take a minute to explain it and let you know how and why it works.

As you know transactions on Ethereum can take a bit of time. Remember when the Crypto Kitties hit? We do. Transactions took a long time. In some cases around 3 hours. When putting Presiam together we thought about this. We asked ourselves could we have this project site on Ethereum with potentially long transaction times? The answer was no.

With the Presiam blockchain it's private. You can't add smart contracts to it. You can't add apps or other usages. It's just not possible and the reason is quite simple. If we have our own private blockchain then only the Presiam App can use it. No other 3rd party apps or processes. The app will use it to process transactions that only occur within the Presiam app. Sending PRSM to friends in your network as well as advertisers paying for campaigns and other internal transfers. That's it.

With the Presiam blockchain only being available to internal Presiam users that leaves a lot of room for fast transactions without outside interference. It's this reason why we chose to develop our own private blockchain.

As with any private blockchain, questions about reversals come up. The Presiam Private Blockchain will not have any reversible component. No way to take transactions back or reverse them and security is our top priority. Just keep that in mind.

As a note, please remember that our initial Airdrop tokens were created on Ethereum. This is because our blockchain is not complete as of yet. Your ERC20 PRSMD tokens will be swapped out for PRSM tokens once our blockchain is complete so if you received PRSMD tokens then just hold them. PRSMD is the token symbol for the Presiam Airdrop. More details to come...

Thank you for your support of Presiam.

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