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Quit Facebook

I’m quitting Facebook! How many of your friends (or even you) have said they’re quitting Facebook? It’s become a garbage platform, full of Ad’s and noise pollution. And since Facebook bought Instagram – it’s becoming trash too!

How about all the money Facebook makes off your information? Selling it to anyone that pays them? Did you get paid for all your personal details they sold? Nope… Facebook force-feeds you and your friends nothing but junk news, banners and garbage you don't want or don’t agree with. And they pay you NOTHING. Facebook has become polluted, CENSORED, digital garbage.

So, what’s the solution? - What’s better than Facebook? - Where do we go?

Introducing Presiam - The next generation Social App with a huge crypto twist.

Here’s why Presiam is better – Presiam offers a friend-feed like Instagram and ‘following’ like Facebook – But Presiam, gives YOU 50% of any Ad revenue displayed in your profile – And check this out - Your referred-in network of friend’s Ad profiles pay you too! All of this through the easy to use Presiam Publisher, built directly into the Presiam App. Your Profile – Your Money!

That’s right, YOU - It’s your feed, your friends, your network. You should see the benefits – Not some giant corporate jerk.

At Presiam, we think it’s grossly unethical to sell your information or that of your friends, and give nothing back. With Presiam, your information is yours. We don’t farm, package, sell or trade it. It’s YOUR information. If you ever decide to remove your account or remove your data – Poof – it’s gone!

Presiam is built on its very own private blockchain. That’s right – From scratch. The new Presiam blockchain will power the Presiam Social App to benefit YOU and your network of friends and followers.

And here’s the twist; This new cutting-edge social experience comes with a built-in mining component that mines Presiam tokens while plugged into your charger. If you’re charging, It’s mining – for YOU! - It’ll mine Presiam transactions while you sleep, drive, sit at a coffee bar or airport. Don’t know much about mining? No problem! The Presiam App has the smarts! Presiam puts mining power in your hands and sends the Presiam tokens directly into your Presiam crypto wallet already built into the App.

With the Presiam app you can exchange Presiam tokens for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, all within the app. Want to send Presiam tokens to friends in your network? No problem, easily send Presiam tokens to your friends and they can use them too or send them to any Presiam compatible wallet.

Take a stand – Flush Facebook - Claim your data – Earn what belongs to you - Chose Presiam!

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