Welcome! Explore the next generation of Social Media in an app that is decentralized and disruptive – A platform with its own private blockchain, ensuring speed and stability. A social app with familiar wants like Friend Feeds, Following and Content Creation Rewards – adding modern tech like a Crypto Wallet, Mining and Exchange, with 50% revenue sharing to you - It’s Social Evolution! - Welcome to Presiam…
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Welcome to Presiam Blockchain Project

Welcome to Presiam Blockchain Project

Welcome to the Presiam Blockchain Project website. Here you will find all the news about the project and the upcoming ICO. We invite you to read up on all the news as well as read the whitepaper as well as watch our explainer video on how the Presiam App will disrupt the social networking industry with a new cryptocurrency social community app with all kinds of really cool stuff. It's time we decentralize the social network industry and Presiam will lead the way.

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